Natural Immunity Boost


Natural immunity boost against cold and flu caused by bacteria and viruses.

Hygiene. Observe sensible precautions – hand-washing etc.

Eat healthily. Avoid processed foods in favour of freshly harvested local fruit and veg, and freshly prepared fish, meat and eggs as protein sources.

Sugar damages the immune system.

Garlic is naturally anti-viral. (Also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, blood-thinning.) Add to food at the end of cooking to avoid damaging the active enzyme.


Echinacea makes the immune system more active, better able to combat viruses and bacteria, and is available in tablet and tincture (liquid) forms for adults and children.

Vitamin C has proven anti-viral properties. Available in liquid, capsule and tablet forms for adults and children.

The mineral zinc is vital for immunity.

Specific anti-viral herbal remedies like elderberry & olive leaf extract.

Colloidal silver, known for centuries for its biocidal properties, can be sprayed around mouth and nose and/or taken internally for protection against viruses.


Stay healthy with natural immunity boost.

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