About Remedies

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Remedies is an independent health store serving the local community in Abbeyside and Dungarvan since 1995, offering the largest selection of homeopathic remedies, herbal remedies, minerals, vitamins, food supplements, in the sunny South East of Ireland.

Providing solutions for you to meet your demand for physical, mental and emotional wellness.

Interest in personal healthcare has led to a growth in holistic approaches. We all have our own needs and many of us have the same goal: to derive the finest quality of life each and every day. To the extent we help you achieve this, we consider it a privilege.

jurgen denzinger

Jürgen, Naturopath;  shop

Kate Cross

Kate, classical homeopath; clinic








Those who still say that herbal medicines don’t work are in danger of being labelled as unscientific. (Des Corrigan, School of Pharmacy, Trinity College, Dublin)

It is never too late to support nature in its urge to heal, because the law of nature calls for the preservation of life. (Alfred Vogel 1902 – 1996, Swiss Herbalist and Naturopath)

Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease. (Hippocrates, 460 – 350 BC)