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We do our best to provide solutions for our customers to meet their demand for life long physical, mental and emotional wellness.

Kate Cross
Kate Cross
Born in Banbury, England.

Practised as a reflexologist, health therapist in Strandside Medical Centre, Abbeyside for five years. Spent four years studying Classical Homoeopathy at the Burren School of Homoeopathy, followed by a two year post graduate course. One year later becoming a registered Homoeopath.

  • Licentiate of the Burren School of Homoeopathy since May 1998
  • Registered Classical Homoeopath with the Irish Society of Homeopaths since 2000
  • Seminars in Ireland, Scotland and London 2000 to 2007
  • Seminars with Rajan Sankaran in India, 2005 and 2006
  • Seminar with Louis Klein in Holland Nov. 2006
  • Seminars with Jan Scholten in Holland; Spring seminars from 2001 up to the present time.
  • Organising CPD lectures and proving seminars for homeopaths with Jan Scholten in Ireland, Kenya, South Africa, Madagascar, Costa Rica, since 2007.


Juergen Denzinger

Jürgen Denzinger
Born in Stuttgart, Germany.
Paramedic for the Red Cross (DRK).



  • Opening of Remedies Health Store, Abbeyside in April 1996
  • Weekly article (Health Tips from Remedies) for the ‘Dungarvan Leader’ since 1997
  • Vitamins Product Advisor Award, May 1998
  • Full member of Health Stores Ireland (IAHS) since 1999
  • Bigger premises in May 2000. Launch of website in Oct. 2000
  • Certificate in Food & Health with the Royal Society for Promotion of Health, 2001
  • Phyto-Therapy Course in Sept. 2001
  • Award presented at ‘Your Health Show’ in Dublin, 28th Oct. 2001 for highest achiever in Ireland of ‘Health Food Training School Diploma’
  • Appointed first A.Vogel specialist shop in Co. Waterford, Nov. 2006
  • Organising seminars with Jan Scholten for homeopaths since 2007.