Forests, trees and human health and well-being

Modern society today is faced with increasing incidences of poor health, related to modern lifestyles, that cannot be addressed by medicine alone. Contributing factors have been identified as an increasingly sedentary population, increasing levels of mental stress related to urban living and contemporary work practices, and hazardous environments e.g. air pollution. Natural spaces and natural elements such as forests and trees have been seen as providing opportunities to ameliorate such trends.

Now is Seed Gathering season, this being the best time in the year to gather seeds from our more common trees such as conkers, acorns, birch cones, rowan berries and apples ready to nurture into trees.

It’s fun, easy to do and the cheapest way to obtain young trees for planting. Go for a healthy walk in the crisp autumn air and take your pick of seeds from some of our best native trees or join in one of the events planned by > the Tree Council of Ireland, tree wardens, rangers, woodland owners and others.

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