You can’t be serious Dr. Ernst?

Dr. Ernst is back in the media spotlight with a poor quality study claiming that herbal medicines can’t be proven to do any good, but may do significant harm.

As the National Institute of Medical Herbalists pointed out, basing such damning conclusions on 3 trials, one of which was a pilot study involving very low numbers, hardly typifies the rigorous scientific standards that Ernst purports to support. One is tempted to question whether Dr. Ernst is more interested in media attention for himself than the health of the country’s population?

Claiming that there are no trials proving the benefits of herbal remedies is a very strange thing to do, unless one is ignorant of the Medicine Licences granted to herbs, e.g. Echinacea and the Traditional Herbal Medicine Licences granted to several herbal products.
Surely this can’t be your “Ernst”, Dr. Ernst -???-

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