Exam stress? – Natural Remedies

Stressing out over exams? – Mother Nature and her natural remedies are here to help.

1. Balance for Nerves – This nutritional complex for nervous system health provides a special formulation of vitamins, amino acids and Magnesium to support the nervous system and mind. Includes Taurine, Theanine and B vitamins.

  • A potent blend of amino acids, botanicals and vitamins, together with magnesium.
  • Contains vitamins B3, B6 and B12 which contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system.
  • Amino acids taurine and theanine help to support production of the brain’s important neurotransmitters.
  • Can be used during the day or night for short or long term support.

exam remedy

2. EXAM Bach flower remedies spray is formulated to focus the mind and help concentration. Use EXAM to calm nerves and focus. Be free to concentrate on the immediate task ahead. A dilute and ready to use formulation made from Bach flower remedy stock contains:

  • Clematis – to focus
  • Elm – for support
  • Gentian – for self-belief
  • Larch – for confidence
  • White Chestnut – for clarity

Good luck with your Educational Passport to the world.

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