Sytrinol™ for High Cholesterol

Cholesterol management is a well-established means of maintaining health and preventing premature death from cardiovascular disease. Many people can maintain desirable cholesterol profiles by natural means, including lifestyle modification, exercise, dietary strategies.

For those in need of additional cholesterol-lowering options, Sytrinol is a new and important option that can aid in achieving substantial reductions in total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, while improving LDL/HDL ratios. Its lack of the side effects associated with statin drugs makes Sytrinol™ an especially attractive therapy for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

sytrinol for cholesterol

Sytrinol™ is a patented proprietary formula comprising citrus and palm fruits extracts and can be used alongside statin medication. Sytrinol™ was developed after 12 years of extensive research on  polymethoxylated flavons (PMFs), tocotrienols, and their effects on cardiovascular health.

Sytrinol is available in 30 or 90 vegetarian capsules.

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