Psyllium – Bowel Cleanse


Psyllium husk (Plantago ovata)

Over 10,000 seeds can be gathered from a single plant, contained within small husks.  Psyllium husks are known to maintain normal bowel transit by absorbing many times their weight as well as producing a viscous gel that ensures a smooth transit throughout the digestive tract. Suitable for:

• Maintaining a healthy, regular bowel.
• Irritable bowel.

Psyllium husks have the advantage of being much gentler than some common fibre supplements (such as wheat or bran), many of which could irritate a sensitive bowel.

Make a healthy choice for your intestinal tract with Psyllium Husk powder.  One of nature’s best sources of soluble fibre, psyllium has been used for centuries as a natural colon cleanser and for supporting bowel regularity.

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