Echinacea long term?

Frequently Asked Question about Echinacea.


Q: Is it okay to take Echinacea for more then a few weeks at a time?

A: Yes, it is perfectly safe to take Echinacea long term. There’s a lot of incorrect information on the subject of Echinacea. The latest research shows that Echinacea works best as a prophylactic – something that prevents you from getting ill in the first place.

Take a maintenance dose of 15 drops, once a day, throughout the year. Apparently Alfred Vogel, the man behind Echinaforce, took it daily and never suffered a cold.

Take an additional dose if you have been with people who are ill, or if you feel run down. This way you are unlikely to catch a bug, but if you do, take 30 drops of Echinaforce 3 times daily until the symptoms subside.

Research on Echinacea against Coronaviruses

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