Homeopathic Seminars with Jan Scholten

Jan Scholten

  • Jan has been promoting homeopathy for over 40 years and his extensive scientific research has added many remedies to the homeopathic materia media.
  • Sir Jan Scholten has been decorated as Knight in the Dutch Order of Orange Nassau by the Mayor of Utrecht in 2014.
  • Jan is a great mind of our time, his seminars are always full of interactive discussion and illuminating honesty.
  • Jan is renowned for his theories and discoveries all over the world.

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Costa Rica, Kenton, Lamu and Madagascar (Veils of Vision) provings . . . 

Seminars Log

Cork, April 2018

Following the success of our Scholten seminars in Ireland, we are proud to announce the return of international speaker Jan Scholten in April with further homeopathic developments.

Inspired homeopath and self professed researcher Jan Scholten is back to present his new research on plant remedies. In his new book ‘Wonderful Plants’, Jan demonstrates a precise and innovative way to prescribe remedies from the plant kingdom.

Like his work on the periodic system this method allows the homeopath greater scope in remedy selection. Understand the person – recognise the remedy.

Jan’s discovery of the classification of minerals and plants has earned him international reputation and his seminars are well received all over the world.


VENUE: Maryborough Hotel, Douglas, Cork, Ireland.
CPD Seminar intended for Homeopaths.

Costa Rica, March 2016

Proving Seminar


LOCATION – Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica, Central America.
DATES – Mon. 7th to Fri. 11th March 2016.


Madagascar, Sept 2013

Proving Seminar


Madagascar has a special flora and fauna. It has been separated from the mainland for millions of years and thus has followed its own evolution.

An exploration into the deeper essence of the indigenous plant life of Madagascar. Again we adventure deep into the core of plants in their natural habitat to discover hidden qualities and expanded remedy pictures.

Madagascar an island of undisputed beauty and diversity will surely hold many untold stories … dare to be the storyteller. A journey into the heart and soul, both professionally and personally. Uncover the secret of the plants, discover yourself.

Provings conducted daily in small groups supervised and co-ordinated by Jan Scholten, assisted by Robert Müntz (pharmacy).

We will be staying on the small island of Nosybe, northern tip of Madagascar.

Here the air is scented with ylang ylang and vanilla and the pace of life is as slow and drawn out as the island’s killer sunsets. Noseybe has a faintly Caribbean atmosphere. If you can drag yourself away from the glorious beaches, there are some beautiful out-of-the-way corners to explore.

South Africa, October 2012

Proving seminar facilitated by Jan Scholten.

After the success of last year’s seminar in Kenya, we are this year venturing off to South Africa to sample the beauty of the flora of this country. Once again this seminar is to explore and discover new and interesting insights into plants and their habitat.


To feel drawn to a plant is a magical moment, this is where the proving begins. To touch and experience the plants in their natural habitat gives such accuracy to the picture. The plant of choice is prepared by Robert Muentz from Remedia, who excelled in this role last year. The provings are conducted in small groups each being facilitated by Jan Scholten.

At the end of each day we gather together and share each proving experience. Jan brings together the work from his tireless enthusiasm of the plants and the interrelated families. It is both professionally inspiring and personally healing.

We hope you find your true essence.

You may come as a participant or just experience the beauty of the vegetation in this glorious country. We are also close to Rhodes University Botanical gardens for its annual flower festival.


Eastern Cape South Africa, Kenton-on-Sea. – One of the most picturesque places in the country, Kenton-on-Sea lies between the mouths of the rivers Boesmans and Kariega so hedged on each side by rivers and the Indian ocean. The area offers the nature lover and eco tourist alike a place to relax and unwind in a safe environment. Both tidal rivers have abundant  fish and bird life and are safe for swimming, also whale families make their home in Kenton and visit every year . The Kariega beach was voted the best beach in South Africa in 2000 and you would be hard pushed to find such serenity and beauty elsewhere. River cruises up the Bushman’s River are a must on the floating restaurant.

Only 10 – 15 mins. inland provides those wanting the true African game experience the opportunity of staying at a number of game reserves. All are malaria free areas.

DATES  Mon 1st – Sun 7th October 2012

Kenya, March 2011

> Kizingoni beach retreat

Saturday 12th – Friday 18th March 2011

Jan Scholten is looking for a team of homeopaths, prepared to journey to the beautiful island of Lamu to explore and research botanical and coral life on the island; to source, prepare, prove and document these discoveries. Since time began until this day medicinal use of plants in Africa is well documented and we would like to discover the homeopathic qualities of some of these facilitated by Jan Scholten.

Provings will be done in groups of three or four people. At the end of each day, the experiences will be shared and Jan will explain his ideas and visions, their family themes and connections with the mineral kingdom, herbalism, mythology and other information.

An unique opportunity for a once-in-a-life-time experience and a great chance to live homeopathy. Join us for what will surely be an exciting adventure. Places have been limited to ensure, that research and provings can be thorough and also to create a memorable intimacy. We will also meet the Samburu and Sanye tribes, which are excellent herbalists and accustomed to plants growing in arid areas.

Remedies proven:

Catha edulis, Celastraceae
Ipomoea imperati, Convolvulaceae
Adenium obesum, Apocynaceae
Plumeria obtusa, Apocynaceae
Bruguiera gymnorrhiza, Rhizophoraceae
Rhizophora mucronata, Rhizophoraceae
Ceriops tagal, Rhizophoraceae
Avicennia marina, Avicennaceae
Averrhoa bilimbi, Oxalidaceae
Xylocarpus granatum, Meliaceae
Strychnos cocculoides, Loganiaceae
Ceiba pentandra, Malvaceae
Moringa oleifera, Moringaceae
Beaucarnea recurvata, Nolinaceae
Terminalia catappa, Combretaceae
Hyphaena compressa, Arecaceae

Lamu Provings – ISBN 978-90-74817-00-4


Dublin, November 2009

Stillorgan Park Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

Friday 6th, Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th November 2009

Jan Scholten returns to Dublin with further developments and clarification of the periodic system, unravelling the mystery of the Lanthanides and giving structure to the confusion of plant family classification.

Synchronising plant families with the stages of the periodic system is the next natural step in the evolution of homeopathic methods. The versatility of using these stages with any kingdom makes selection of the remedy a simple procedure of family theme and stage.

In this seminar Jan will define the themes of plant families and interpret the method of using the 18 stages within each plant family. He will also demonstrate the use of Lanthanides, and their value in today’s pathology, using the simplicity of the stages.

With careful consideration and years of research, cases and provings, Jan will present his understanding of various plant families and their use in homeopathic practice. Prescribe accurately and successfully without getting ‘lost in the fog’. Giving direction to the case, purpose to the questioning and rewarding results.

Jan is a researcher, a great mind of our time, his seminars are always full of interactive discussion and illuminating honesty. The success of the periodic system suggests that his plant family groupings will be equally insightful and easy to grasp.